Our Mission Statement

To create a nurturing and diverse environment that encourages children to discover their purpose and passion in life!

Greetings from the Principal

Spring Zhang


Dear Families of LiMai Montessori Academy,

We would like to extend our gratitude to you for choosing LiMai Academy as your child’s first school. The trust you have instilled in us is imperative for building a strong relationship. As parents, we all aspire for our children to have a successful future.

You have made the first essential decision to send your child to LiMai Montessori Academy. Our goal is to prepare children as responsible global citizens. We ensure you that LiMai is the finest choice of education for your child.

In 1995, LiMai established the first International School on the Eastern side of Beijing Olympic Park. LCAIS (LiMai Chinese American International School).

It has since incorporated a core concept of evolving youth into elites with a global vision, integrating innovative international courses and keeping a world-class faculty team. As of today, we have top ranked K-12 International Schools in Beijing. LiMai Education has grown into 12 schools with nearly 10,000 students in China. All of our schools are mission-driven and built by professional educators who have a deep love for children.

LiMai will continue to expand their educational influence across oceans. Our children will thrive in an integrated environment of an innovative spirit of the U.S. and China. Learning multiple languages in today’s diverse population will help the children have endless opportunities to shape their future.

Montessori methodology was established by Dr. Maria Montessori over a hundred years ago. It gives every child an opportunity to be independent, have freedom of choice, and to become successful at a very young age. We whole heartedly believe in the uniqueness of Montessori philosophy & education. It is a bridge of cultural diversity between the two countries that transcends our children to become true global citizens beyond nationality, borders, and cultures. This is the sole benefit of LiMai education.

LiMai currently has three schools located in Orange County, Southern California. They are in Cypress, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Buena Park. We are offering exceptional academic programs for children ages 18 months to 12 years old.

I am Spring Zhang, the principal of LiMai Education Group, I represent all the three campuses. I would like to share the core teaching philosophy of LiMai Education with the parents:

Our Mission Statement: The goal of LiMai Montessori Academy is to create a nurturing and diverse environment that encourages children to discover their purpose and passion in life. Once your child connects with his/her own unique interests, they can use that knowledge to guide themselves, which will help them to become global citizens.

Our Teaching System: Based on the Montessori Method & integrating Reggio approach, we have incorporated the best multilingual environment for all our schools. LiMai will be the first schools in Southern California to initiate Mandarin Immersion and English Montessori programs, at each campus. Our Montessori Chinese teachers will collaborate with our English teachers to prepare an environment that magnifies the appropriate areas in the classroom. Your child will be able to utilize multiple languages at an early age, which will enhance their self-confidence. We are the first school to have exclusive materials for our Mandarin Immersion program designed by professionals in China. More importantly, our Bilingual Montessori Research Center will continue to improvise the curriculum to ensure that the children are receiving a remarkable education.

Our commitment: We are child-centered schools. We believe to support our children’s growth with love and responsibility, inspiration and knowledge, good health, harmony and peace. Creating a safe, beautiful, organic environment with an advance curriculum system. To have clear procedures and detail-oriented management. The school is a platform for our families and community to come together as a team to support our children. Every morning, when you hold your precious child’s hand and walk into the door of our school, you will surely witness that your child will be nurtured in a safe and happy environment. Which will open the door towards a whole new world of possibilities and love of learning.


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